Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Mid Season Update

The 2014 golf season has certainly been interesting. The year got off to a very cold and wet start. During the months of April, May and June, we recorded 6.17", 5.97", and 6.53" of rain respectively. Much of the rain recorded was from severe storms causing flash flooding and bunker washouts. The golf course maintenance staff has fixed bunker washouts a total of 10 times so far this season, taking nearly 50-60 man-hours to repair each time. All of this unexpected bunker labor has made it challenging to complete other routine tasks. During the month of June, the heavy rains were coupled with high humidity. This caused disease pressure to go through the roof, requiring shorter spray intervals on fine turf. With these less than ideal conditions, our turf never suffered. Our strong agronomic programs have helped us provide exceptional turf quality and playing conditions. Moving into July, Southwest Ohio is experiencing temperatures 10-15 degrees below normal and low humidity. Perhaps Mother Nature feels like she owes it to us after the awful weather patterns over the previous 6 months. The long range forecast continues to look beautiful. Hopefully everyone can get out to enjoy several rounds of golf.

Bunker washouts and flooding
Healthy bentgrass fairway (June 26)
Beautiful July morning

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Benefits of Beavercreek Golf Club to the Local Community

The golf boom in the 1980s and 1990s led to the rapid construction of many golf courses and golf communities. Over the past decade, golf has been hit hard with the weakened US economy leaving many people questioning which course will close next. Although it is easy to criticize some local golf courses, many people may not realize how beneficial a golf course can be to their local community. Beyond being a recreational facility, golf courses offer many environmental and economic benefits. Below are several facts about the benefits of Beavercreek Golf Club to the Beavercreek community.

Environmental Benefits:
  • Over 180 acres of green space
  • Home to many animals including deer, fox, beavers, rabbits, turkeys, fish, and many birds
  • Filters runoff from surrounding businesses and  residential home sites
  • Improves air quality 
  • Maintenance staff that strives to be stewards of the environment through recycling, water conservation, reduced pesticide and fertilizer usage, and sound cultural practices
Economic Benefits
  • Employ 8 full time and 50-60 seasonal employees
  • Over 28,000 rounds of golf played annually with nearly 60% from patrons outside of Beavercreek
  • Host site to over 20 charity golf events annually 
  • Host between 30-45 weddings and 350 banquet functions annually
  • Residential communities surrounding the golf course include 145 single family units and 590 multi family units
  • Property tax revenue generated from surrounding homes is roughly $3.5 million
A beautiful early morning sunrise over hole #10

A tranquil setting on hole #3

Monday, June 16, 2014

Beavercreek Logo

If you have been out to the course or driven by on New Germany Trebein lately, you have probably noticed the Beavercreek logo with three stars painted on #1 hillside. This logo was created and painted by our golf course maintenance staff and will be maintained throughout the year. The paint used is safe for use on turf and will not harm the grass. The logo was painted as a low cost form of advertisement and to create a positive buzz about our facility. The golf course is in great shape, so come on out and enjoy a round of golf and check out our logo on #1 hillside.